Progress Support Workers

Progress Support Workers

Progress Recruitment Day in Coventry!
Days to go!

Where are they now?

Start a bright career as a support worker with Progress and let us take you to new heights! See our amazing support workers below and what job they are doing now.

We will reveal a new box each day as we count down to our Coventry children’s homes’ recruitment day on 27th January. To be considered for attendance on the day, an interview and an awesome new job, click here and submit your application today!

Want to learn more about the amazing staff benefits you receive working for Progress? Why not click on video of staff singing the Progress 12 days of Christmas. The lyrics reveal all!

If you are in another area, pop onto our recruitment pages or call our team on 01902 561066 to see what other opportunities await you!

*Our staff kindly consented to their images being used. Where staff have progressed their careers beyond Progress, we have used stock images.

Managing Director at Progress 01/12/2019
Now working for the NHS 02/12/2019
Operations Manager Home & Community at Progress 03/12/2019
Now working as a Art Therapist 04/12/2019
Residential Manager at Progress 05/12/2019
Now working as a Social Worker 06/12/2019
Residential Manager at Progress 07/12/2019
Now working for the regulator 08/12/2019
Business Support Officer at Progress 09/12/2019
Now working as a Nurse 10/12/2019
Now working as a Social Worker 11/12/2019
Operations Manager (Residential) at Progress 12/12/2019
Hub Business Manager 13/12/2019
Now working for the regulator 14/12/2019
Now working as a Nurse 15/12/2019
Team Leader at Progress 16/12/2019
Deputy Manager at Progress 17/12/2019
Peer to Peer Trainer at Progress 18/12/2019
Peer to Peer Trainer at Progress 19/12/2019
Team Leader at Progress 20/12/2019
Now working as a Nurse 20/12/2019
Hub Coordinator at Progress 21/12/2019
Hub Senior at Progress 22/12/2019
Registered Manager at Progress 14/01/2020
Quality Assurance and Compliance Officer at Progress 15/01/2020
Team Leader at Progress 15/01/2020
Registered Manager at Progress 16/01/2020
Supporting seven young people having had no care experience prior to joining progress 16/01/2020
Peer to Peer Trainer at Progress 16/01/2020