Progress Success Stories...

Progress Success Stories...

Just Imagine the rewards
of fostering a child

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Just imagine a rewarding
career with progress

We believe that every young person deserves the opportunity to live their best lives.

Our stories show how we help young people to overcome obstacles and how we ensure they have the right kind of support in an environment that’s right for them. This could be moving from a residential setting back home, transitioning to independent or semi-independent living or to a fostering placement.

With a family-centred approach we provide families with a range of support for as long as it’s needed.

The young people we care for are at the forefront of everything we do and we are proud of the progress they make.

M's Story

M came to Progress when he was 14 years old. As M progressed with us, we put in place a transition plan to ensure he reached his full potential of living in the community with the correct amount of support.

As M got older he first transitioned into one of our young adult residential homes, while he completed his preparation for independence and we got everything in place. His plan was developed in conjunction with M, M’s parents and his placing authority and would enable M to have the skills to transition from our residential setting into his own tenancy. This supported living arrangement would ensure he remained part of the community and kept the social network and continuity of staff known to him.

M attended our life skills and independence group where he would not only socialise with his peers and make new friends, but also learn valuable skills, such as cooking, cleaning and changing a plug. These skills were further developed in the residential home. We ensured M accessed the correct further education establishment that would meet his needs and put in a community package of support around travel training to ensure he could attend college as independently as possible.

We sourced accommodation to meet his needs and a suitable property was found through a housing Charity. We ensured M’s leaving care grant was accessed so he could purchase the items he needed, such as his white goods and television. We supported M to apply for all further benefits including housing benefit and support for with his council tax.

M now lives in his own tenancy accommodation with our support and is accessing a full-time college course.  The skills he has developed while doing his travel training means, he can travel to and attend college independently. M also keeps his social links with his life skills group and regularly has family over to his home or travels to see them.

C's story

C came to us in 2014, he had been diagnosed with Autism as well as displaying Behavioural Difficulties, Self-Harm and Attachment Disorder. C needed 1:1 support from staff as he found interacting with his peers and staff difficult.

Staff began by putting a plan in place to help C settle into his new environment and manage his behaviours. The plan included developing his skills out in the community including, engaging with new people, road safety, and managing stress in new environments.

C was also supported with expanding his independence within the home, with the right encouragement he was able to cook his own meals and improve his personal hygiene. This lead to more regular positive interactions with staff and other young people.

In 2017 after three years of consistency and dedication from the staff team, C was able to progress his independence in the community. He enjoyed being able to go to the shops alone to shop for himself and bring back items for the home. He also began to go jogging, for meals out on his own and was able to spend that alone time in the community safely.

With training and guidance from staff C also began to manage his own finances, setting budgets and sticking to them. C’s emotional well-being also improved, he was consistently able to self-regulate his mood and his psychological difficulties which was a major boost to his confidence. We have had the best positive outcome for C as he has now successfully transitioned home to live with his family.

C's Story

C who is 15 years old has major Behavioural Issues and mild Cerebral Palsy. He was transitioned to one of our residential services from a foster placement following significant events at the Foster Carer’s home. Initially 2:1 support was needed for C in order to manage his behaviours and keep staff and other young people safe.

Staff began by assessing C’s needs and getting to know him. They quickly found that C had many interests that would prove to be fantastic in engaging him positively and help build trusting relationships. We drew up a behaviour management contract that clearly set out the behaviours expected and the rewards that could achieved if this was met. As C began to consistently met the agreed behaviours he was able to increase his independence, including traveling to school on his own.

From July 2016 till date, C has improved considerably with no or minimum behaviours in the home. C now has 1-1 support hours and is able to get out into the community alone. C is engaging well with staff and most importantly able to self-regulate his behaviours. C’s destination is a planned transition to supported living in July next year and to attend college.