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Internal Awards

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Progress Annual Superstars Awards

We are pleased to announce the launch of the ‘Progress Annual Superstars Awards’. The categories are…

  • Young Person Achievement Award
  • Carer of the Year Award
  • Manager of the Year Award
  • Making a Difference [to people’s lives] Award
  • Going Above and Beyond Award
  • MD’s Star of the Year Award

The results are in!...


Young Person Achievement Award

    List available internally
Karandeep Singh-Bahra

Carer of the Year

  • Kimberley Williams
  • Mel Turner
  • Fatim Conde
  • Linda and Ian MacKay
  • Sue Jessop and Adrian Wilson
  • Ana Bennet
  • Stacey Sheldon
  • Donna Robinson
Donna Robinson

Manager of the Year

  • Phil McDonald
  • Margaret Hopkins
  • Paul Gouldingay
  • Amanda Percival
  • Phil Owen
  • Yasser Madagu
  • Tina Bhardwaj
Margaret Hopkins

Making a difference to people's lives

  • Laura Spencer
  • Donna Robinson
  • Yasser Madagu
  • Tony and Ash Smith
  • Dianne Radcliffe and Nick Collins
  • Ana Bennet
  • Billie Morgan
  • Tina Phillapowsky
Laura Spencer

Going Above and Beyond

  • Laura Spencer
  • Amanda Percival
  • Victoria Chalmers
  • Johann Davis
  • Sybil Wilson
  • Lorrain Gibbons
  • Mamie Turay
  • Adam Nicholls
  • Aga Zolna
Victoria Chalmers

MD's Star of the Year

The MDs Award winner has been chosen as over the last 18 months, she has been quietly working away with honesty and integrity. Her confidence in her own ability has grown and in this we have seen her potential. She has risen to the challenges that have been presented, going out of her comfort zone on many occasions. She has taken the opportunities and given her absolute best in everything she has turned her hand to. She lives and breathes Progress values and has such a passion for improving the lives of those she is responsible for. She is straight talking and to the point and will not compromise. In these qualities Amanda Percival is Progress! Amanda Percival