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Words from our staff and partners

We understand that choosing an employer is an important factor when considering your next career move. At Progress, we aim to be an employer of choice and do our utmost to create a culture where our staff can build and develop their career whilst enjoying the work they do.

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These testimonials, give examples of how a number of staff have progressed within the organisation and how Progress have supported them to progress within the organisation.  They also outline all you need to know about how we support and deliver support to our team. We pride ourselves on our innovative approach to caring for children and young people and encourage and work closely with our partners to ensure we deliver the best possible outcomes for everyone!

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Registered Manager - Children & Young Adults

Danielle is the Registered Manager of Portland House.

Support Worker - Young Adults

Darrell is a support worker at Nightingale House.

Deputy Manager - Adults Services

Dawn is the Deputy Manager of Stourbridge House.

Residential Manager - Children's

Kim is a Residential Manager at Stourbridge House – Children’s

Support Worker - Children's

Marie is a support worker at Henley House.

Team Leader - Children's

Sybil is a Team Leader at Portland House.

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Latest Career News

Happy Halloween, Progress. Halloween is a big deal in the United Kingdom with spending in the UK alone originally estimated to total £777 million in 2023, up 13% from a projected £687 million in 2022 and £607 million in 2021. At Progress, homes and services have been adorned with Halloween decorations and here are some…

This is not just about Hilton House or Progress. It is a journey into the thoughtful design that enhances the lives of children in care. When it comes to interior design, the goal is often to create spaces that are visually appealing and stylish. However, at Progress Care Solutions (widely referred to as Progress), interior…

Celebrating Black History Month  While Black History Month began in the United States of America in the 1920s, it was first celebrated in the UK in 1987, the 150th anniversary of the abolition of slavery in the Caribbean, and happens every October.  As we commemorate Black History Month, it is essential to recognise and celebrate…

This year’s World Mental Health Day reminded us of the importance of mental health and well-being. It was a day to reflect on mental health and the challenges faced by individuals. It was also an opportunity to draw attention to innovative and holistic approaches such as animal-assisted therapy (AAT). AAT which is an increasingly recognised…

We are recruiting Support Workers to work DAYS or NIGHTS across a number of services and locations! Are you looking for a company who really do give THE BEST care to the wonderful young people in their care? Are you looking for just Days, just Nights, Fixed Nights, or even Weekends only? We will recruit…

The Team Leader at Oak Cottage, on the benefits of working together, his life experience, and being yourself at Progress. I grew up in challenging circumstances. I was brought up in care and was in foster care too. So, I can relate to the young people I care for and empathise with them. I can be…

As we begin our year long festivities celebrating 21 years of supporting children and young people, Progress Chief Executive Bal Dhanoa and Chief Financial Officer Raj Dhanoa have a special message for our staff. “Thank you all for your continued support, commitment, and dedication to Progress. We are proud of our journey so far, we…

My name is Harry. I am a teenager with Autism. After suffering several losses within my close family, I could not understand and control my feelings, which led to my behaviours hurting those closest to me. I lacked confidence and did not like leaving the house. My home is where I feel comfortable and safe….

My name is Deana, and I am a residential manager for Progress. I have been working with children and young people in residential care for approximately 13 years.  I have seen a lot of young people come and go, but one young person will remain in my thoughts and heart for a long time.   I…

Progress was named winner of Outstanding Support During Covid-19 category at the 2020 Best Business Awards. We have been recognised for our approach to the nationwide lockdown caused by Covid-19 in March 2020. As lockdown came into force, Progress prioritised the care of those that relied on us for critical support. We assigned drivers, offering a ring-and-ride service…

Marie is a support worker at Progress’ children’s residential home, Henley Lodge in Coventry. What led her to apply and work for Progress? This is her story. I have been working for Progress since March 2020 – my first job in 15 years. “15 years?” you say? Let me take you back to the beginning of my…

The lockdown has been challenging for all of us. With our daily routines changing – and likely to remain so for the foreseeable future – we are now living different lives. We spoke to two young people on their lockdown experiences, how they have coped and their hopes for the future. “I have felt I…