A day at Oak Cottage: Progress’ Children’s Residential Service

A day at Oak Cottage: Progress’ Children’s Residential Service

A day at Oak Cottage: Progress’ Children’s Residential Service

15th March 2024

Visiting Oak Cottage feels like stepping into a peaceful sanctuary where every child is welcomed, every voice is valued, and every moment is cherished. It’s a place where compassion, dedication, and commitment are woven into every interaction. 

The staff here aren’t just titles like support workers or managers; they’re companions on a journey with the children, showing empathy, respect, and genuine care. 

One morning, I joined a team meeting at Oak Cottage. While the team discussed passionately, the guinea pigs playing nearby provided a calming effect. The team’s focus was on providing exceptional care for the children, ensuring each child has memorable experiences daily. 

Each team member shared insights, all driven by a desire to provide the best care possible. Oak Cottage is a sanctuary where every individual is understood, supported, and uplifted. 

At its core, Oak Cottage believes in understanding everyone’s dreams and rights to a purposeful life. Challenges are seen as opportunities for growth, and every moment is cherished. 

Through care and companionship, Oak Cottage creates an environment where love prevails, forming strong bonds between staff and children. 

Within Oak Cottage, qualities like love, compassion, and resilience shape lives. Every interaction holds the power to transform, thanks to kindness and support. 

As the meeting ended, a sense of purpose lingered—a commitment to continue uplifting and empowering every soul at Oak Cottage. 

Oak Cottage isn’t just a service; it’s a beacon of hope, showing the transformative power of empathy and community. The sign at the door says it all: “Welcome to our home.” 

If you would like to find out about current opportunities at Oak Cottage or any of our other services, please visit www.progresscare.co.uk or contact the Recruitment team directly on 01902 561 066 for a confidential chat about our roles.