Celebrating Outstanding Achievements: Heartwarming Updates and Recognitions

Celebrating Outstanding Achievements: Heartwarming Updates and Recognitions

Celebrating Outstanding Achievements: Heartwarming Updates and Recognitions

12th April 2024

We are delighted to share the remarkable acknowledgements recently received by two of our residential homes, Regis House and Portland House, in recognition of the exceptional efforts of our team members.

During a recent visit, Martina, a family links worker with the Birmingham Children’s Trust, expressed her admiration for Regis House, describing it as a welcoming family environment that surpasses typical expectations of a children’s home. Annette, our Registered Manager, extended her gratitude to Martina and highlighted the home’s commitment to embodying a family-like atmosphere.

Martina commended the calm and welcoming atmosphere she experienced, underscoring the positive impact Regis House has on its residents. Notably, one of our young individuals at Regis House has achieved significant personal growth by independently managing tasks such as ordering and paying for meals and tickets. We applaud their achievements and ongoing progress.

Similarly, the team at Portland House has received high praise for their dedication and impact on the lives of the young individuals in their care. Feedback specifically highlighted Dani’s (Registered Manager) extraordinary commitment and compassion towards the young people, underscoring the profound positive influence she and her team have on their well-being.

“I did cry, and I’ve not stopped after my visit to Portland House. The passion of Dani, and the way she cares for her young people, was incredibly inspiring. In a world where so many people turn their backs on challenging young persons, people like Dani are saving them, loving them and showing whole hearted commitment to improving their lives. WOW. She really did make an impact on me and I hope my praises can be passed on to her.”

Such testimonials reaffirm our collective dedication to improving lives and making a lasting difference.

New Additions to Progress

This week, four amazing persons officially joined Progress. Libby has joined the fostering team as an administrator, Nsan joined our Adult Services as a Residential Support Worker while Tadie, a Residential Support Worker, has joined Progress Children’s Services.

We also have a new addition to our Corporate and Commercial Team. Susan is the Digital Learning Designer. In a statement, Angeline Freer, Progress’ Head of Corporate and Commercial Services, said Susan brings a wealth of experience of developing e-learning.

“I am really excited to see how Susan’s career progresses and have no doubt her contributions will help the organisation to continue improving lives,” Angeline said.

Welcome to Progress.