New opportunities with Progress

New opportunities with Progress

New opportunities with Progress

14th September 2017

Thanks to the continual growth of our organisation and our latest residential development, Stourbridge House, we have the fantastic opportunity to welcome new faces to the Progress team.

As an organisation who invest heavily in our employees and encourage them to grow in all aspects they can, we always offer vacancies to the current team, before advertising to the outside world.

We are pleased to announce having completed our internal recruitment, not only are we looking for individuals to join our residential team at Stourbridge House, but we will also need to fill the vacancies left by our team, thanks to our exciting restructure.

For those of you who missed our announcement, Stourbridge House is our most recent property. It is a three-storey, beautifully designed building, fully equipped with ingenuitive technology, purpose built for children and young adults to accommodate short breaks and assist in their transition to independence.

Thanks to the variety of roles available, we have an opportunity for people of all abilities. The Support Worker and Team Leader roles are ideal for candidates with experience working alongside individuals with additional care requirements. Our Flexible Support Worker roles (FSW) have a different prerequisite.

The FSW works alongside children and young adults with additional complex care needs, whether that be working out in the community or within our properties. As an entry level into care, the Flexible Support Workers role requires more heart than it does time spent in the industry. Experience can be helpful, references are necessary. It’s not for everybody. It takes a special type of personality; someone who really wants to make a difference. That is the person we are looking for.

It is not easy to tell these qualities from a piece of paper. Neither does someone’s background influence our decision. Our current Flexible Support Workers come from a variety of backgrounds. Teaching, fitness, hospitality are just some of our teams’ experience. Some even joined us straight from university without having any work experience but had sterling character references.

The role of Flexible Support Worker could take the applicant to a mixture of locations; our facilities, the person in care’s home, working out in the community or out on activities. The Flexible Support Worker will be buddy, mentor and care giver for people with complex care needs. The role is perfect to give people the opportunity to work with young people. The days can be challenging, but they are also incredibly rewarding.

We are looking for candidates with a deep-rooted desire to make a difference. We want people whom we can rely upon equally to accurately document and report while having the patience to sit and enthusiastically play the same game of hide and seek for hours on end. Can you relate?

If you feel you have the passion it takes to join our fun, dedicated team and enhance the lives of young people, get in touch. To find out more about our vacancies, click here