Meet Amy: Oak Cottage’s New Manager

Meet Amy: Oak Cottage’s New Manager

Meet Amy: Oak Cottage’s New Manager

5th June 2024

We are thrilled to introduce Amy as the new Home Manager at Oak Cottage, a vital service within the Progress community. With a rich background in nursing and a passion for working with children with complex needs, Amy brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to our team. 

Amy’s journey in healthcare began in palliative care for children with tracheostomies. “My first job was working with children in palliative care, and I stayed there for years,” she recalls. Her career then took her to a general hospital paediatric ward, where she worked for nearly seven years. Later, Amy transitioned to a county hospital specialising in children’s mental health. 

Throughout her career, Amy has developed a deep understanding of and passion for autism and ADHD. “I have three children, two of whom are autistic,” she shares. “This personal experience has fueled my passion for advocating for children with autism and ensuring they receive the best possible care.” 

Amy’s approach to care is rooted in empathy and a desire to create a fulfilling environment for children with complex needs. She emphasises the importance of understanding each child’s unique experiences and finding effective coping mechanisms. “For instance, boys and girls often display autistic traits differently. My son is very reactive and sensitive to noise, while my daughter internalises everything,” Amy explains. This nuanced understanding allows her to tailor care strategies to individual needs. 

At Oak Cottage, Amy is committed to enhancing staff knowledge and training, particularly regarding physical health and complex care needs. “When working with children that are so complex, it’s crucial to understand why you’re doing something,” she states. Amy’s goal is to create a supportive and knowledgeable team that can provide the highest level of care. 

Amy also believes in creating a home-like environment for the children. “Eating is not just about putting food in your mouth; it’s about the sensory process, like the touch and smell of the food,” she notes. She aims to introduce experiences that many children might be missing, such as communal meals that engage all senses and foster a family-like atmosphere. 

Trust and honesty are core values for Amy. “Trust is the most important thing,” she asserts. “If you can’t trust someone, you have no boundaries. I always tell my staff, if you’re honest with me, I’ll have your back 100%.” 

Amy’s leadership style is already making an impact. “I’m very different from everyone else who’s been here. I’m implementing rules and following through on them. I believe we’ll get there with time and support.” 

We are excited to see the positive changes Amy will bring to Oak Cottage and look forward to the continued growth and development of our services under her leadership. 

Interested in joining Amy and the team at Progress? Check out available career opportunities at Come be a part of a dedicated team making a real difference in the lives of children with complex needs.