Starting Your Journey to Independence

Starting Your Journey to Independence

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Welcome to Wellcroft House

Age Range: 18+
Purpose: LD
Beds: 6

As a registered adult’s residential home, Wellcroft House provides ongoing support for young people. Focusing on enabling greater independence for those with moderate to severe learning difficulties and complex disabilities. We achieve this through the building of friendships and relationships, preventing isolation and working towards transitions into semi-independent living and community living.

We actively encourage the discovery of new skills and interests, supporting individuals to be part of our local community. Everyone has a common set of needs but we also pride ourselves on tailored and personalised support, for example supporting different faith groups accessing local places of worship or dietary requirements.

Staff at Wellcroft House place a strong emphasis on community involvement and integration. Taking great pride in creating a homely environment that focuses on social interaction and regular activities that stimulate mind and body. Along with encouraging & supporting individuals to take part in fundraising activities regularly, including the Rainbow Walk for Autism. We have built good relationships with relatives and get them involved with as many activities as possible – everyone loves the annual family BBQ.

Wellcroft House offers young people a welcoming place to live where they can feel at home. Each has their individual space furnished for them according to their likes and needs.

All individuals are actively encouraged to become involved in the running of the home; this includes decision making such as décor, menu’s, food shopping and activities.

Wellcroft House also offers:

  • Town centre location
  • 24 hour support 365 days a year
  • Utilises assistive technologies
  • Accepts referrals from any local authority
  • Recorded impact assessment monitoring

Registered Manager: Sabrina Patel