Ingenuitive Technology; Helping Residents Sleep Soundly

Ingenuitive Technology; Helping Residents Sleep Soundly

Ingenuitive Technology; Helping Residents Sleep Soundly

4th September 2017

The development of our new residential short breaks and transitions to independence service in Wolverhampton, has provided an excellent opportunity for us to integrate systems to improve the level of care we offer. One of the features we are excited to unveil is the acoustic monitoring technology we are installing. This equipment is only currently being utilised in adult services but we are proud to be the first business in the UK to include this innovative and life changing technology in our offer for young people.

The equipment listens out for concerning sounds and triggers an alert to the relevant bodies, replacing the standard practice of periodic manual observations; where staff hourly visit resident’s bedrooms. This manual process is not only disruptive but also impractical. If an incident were to take place in-between hourly checks, staff may be unaware.

By measuring a baseline noise level in the individual rooms, the technology can detect when a sound exceeds the tailored threshold. This could be an excessive cough or a seizure that would otherwise go undetected. Knowing in real-time when there is a problem as well as preemptive alerts allows us to work proactively. With the reliability of the discrete monitoring system, residents will have a better quality of life with the dignity and respect they deserve — with staff notified when assistance is necessary — the residents are left in peace for an uninterrupted night’s sleep.

To integrate this revolutionary technology, we partnered with Adaptive IT, CLB’s 2017 reseller of the year and below is a statement from them.

“Working with Progress has been a fantastic experience. They were easy to talk to and had a clear vision of what they wanted to achieve. They challenged us (in a good way) by questioning each aspect of our solution, they really had their residents at the heart of all of their decisions.

We have been working within the public health sector (NHS) for many years mainly dealing with estates and IT departments. The move into private care has brought us closer to the front lines of care and we really appreciate the work these organisations do. It is a pleasure to be able to provide a level of support to those who are directly influencing these young people’s lives in such a positive way.

Progress has taken a leap forward for young people’s services in the UK by implementing acoustic monitoring. It is crucial for these young people to feel supported but independent at the same time. Using the acoustic monitoring technology allows them to gain confidence in themselves and their independence in a safe and supported way, by reducing unnecessary care interventions which could potentially undermine feelings of individual achievement.”

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