Sponsorship announcement!

Sponsorship announcement!

Sponsorship announcement!

6th September 2021

We are pleased to officially reveal that we will be sponsoring Warstones Wanderers FC for the 21/22 season! As we are so passionate about supporting our local community, we pride ourselves in going above and beyond to showcase this in any way we can – hence why we were keen to get involved with this venture.

To discuss this further, we caught up with the manager over at the Football Club, Leon; here’s what he had to say:

“As the club is expanding, we will be relying on external sponsorship, so any support we can get is amazing as it means our chairman Mick doesn’t have to take money from his pocket as all match and kit fees will be covered.

In regards to the club’s future, we aim to work top-down and bottom-up simultaneously. With these costs covered, this gives the chance to do exactly that for each of the different teams. With your sponsorship, our teams will grow in confidence – making a significant difference, especially for some younger kids starting as it will be their first game. All in all, this sponsorship is, of course, very much appreciated and well-received as it’s also a burden taken off micks shoulders in the sense that we as a club can utilise the funds that we do have elsewhere.”

We also spoke to the Clubs’ Chairman Mick. Here’s what he had to say:

“I started the club 20 years ago; since then, we’ve grown, and we now have different divisions within the club. As we are now reaching different levels within our teams, every little bit of help does go a long way. This is a great collaboration for all involved, and we are looking forward to the future and where this takes us.”

We look forward to the rest of the journey and what’s to come!