Step down to fostering

Step down to fostering

Step down to fostering

13th November 2017

Step down to fostering

Progress is a privately owned specialist organisation with strong values and a high commitment to delivering and evidencing positive outcomes for children living at home or in care. We offer an integrated service which supports disabled children on their journey, focusing on the least restrictive support and ensuring the right package or placement at the right time.

Progress has evidence of successful transitions to foster placements for disabled children, which not only produces better outcomes for young people but also reduces the burden on public services and funding. In many cases the costs are halved. Recent examples include…


  • A child with a physical and learning disabilities – transitioned into a fostering placement along with his brother who is not disabled but was also in care; bringing them back together


  • A child with severe learning difficulties, non-verbal, continence issues, challenging behaviour – transitioned from residential placement


  • Twins with Autism – transitioned from residential placement together


  • A child with severe Autism accessing home/community support and residential short breaks but being taken into care – transitioned straight into fostering placement


Progress offers Foster Carers ongoing support which is bespoke to the individual and the foster placement, from staff who know the child thus ensuring continuity of care and secure attachments for the child. This model also provides tailored advice, resulting in better supported carers and greater levels of placement stability.


Our organisational structure provides community based activities, short breaks and ongoing regulated care and support in the community. This enables young people who are reaching adulthood to try out independent living in our training apartments as they reach transitional age, supported by their Foster Carers and staff that are known to them. They can then make a seamless transition into semi-independence or independence.


If you’d like more information on transitions to fostering or any other pathways or services we provide, please get in touch today.