Thank You Team Oak

Thank You Team Oak

Thank You Team Oak

18th April 2023

As part of the #CelebratingSocialCare initiative launched by Skills for Care, the Deputy Manager of Oak Cottage wanted to share his appreciation for his team –

At Progress we provide care and support to a large variety of needs; Oak Cottage is our specialist service that is a home to children with severe and complex disabilities. The home requires the staff within to be highly vigilant and respond promptly to challenges that arise from the complexities of the children’s health needs.

‘’Shifts are never the same, the carers looking after children can have challenges thrown their way within the glimpse of an eye. Recently our night staff team were faced with an emergency, regarding a child with epilepsy.

This child is fairly new to our home; despite this, all staff knew what to do, how to support her to be comfortable and relaxed given her situation and contacted the emergency services.

The carers within the home at the time were our night team, this meant that it was a very different type of emergency, given that night-time staffing levels differ to the day; Emergencies really do require people to come together to ensure the best outcome.

I can’t fault the team as, all the decisions made that night, right down to who would accompany the child to hospital overnight, to who was taking over the care in the hospital in the morning, were all correct and considered. All decisions made allowed the other children within the home to not be impacted, and thus, not feel the anxiety that situations like this can cause.

Our young person suffered multiple on-going cluster seizures for quite an extended time and thanks to cool, calm, and practical heads this young person was not only able to get the help she needed, but all the other children in the home were considered and thus, able to not worry about the situation.

Really proud of the team for pulling together and getting things completely spot on.’’

On behalf of Progress, we would also like to thank the amazing night team at Oak Cottage that evening, your quick but calm reactions to an emergency situation are what keep our young people safe and at ease during times that can be quite scary. You are a value to the Progress family.

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