A Day in the Life of Priya: Team Leader at Progress

A Day in the Life of Priya: Team Leader at Progress

A Day in the Life of Priya: Team Leader at Progress

25th May 2024

As a team leader at Progress Children’s Services, Priya has a busy but rewarding day overseeing the care of the young people. “I run all the shifts that I’m on. I do all the allocations and then I’m in charge of the other support workers making sure that they’re doing their job,” Priya explains of her responsibilities. 

Her day starts early, arriving at the house to check in with the overnight staff and get briefed on how the night went. “I write reports covering issues including the petty cash, logging in all the receipts,” Priya notes of her morning tasks. She then ensures the young people are up and getting ready for their day activities. 

Throughout the morning, Priya is checking in on the different staff members and young people. “Making sure everything gets done,” she says. This may involve resolving any conflicts, addressing any issues that arose overnight, or providing guidance to staff on caring for young people with complex needs. 

In the afternoon, Priya focuses on training and mentoring new staff members. “When people start here, I tend to be the one to mentor them. And tell them how to do things,” she says. She enjoys forming close bonds with her colleagues and helping them learn. 

Evenings bring more responsibilities like handling medications and doing evening checks on the residents. “We just do like the handles in the evening and just make sure the shifts go well,” Priya notes. She works to ensure a smooth transition to the overnight staff. 

By the end of her long day, Priya feels a sense of pride and accomplishment in her role. “I’ve worked very, very hard to get where I am,” she says. Sometimes tiring, she finds the work rewarding knowing she’s making a positive difference in the lives of the young people at the service.