Finding fulfilment in fostering: Pervina and Manoj

Finding fulfilment in fostering: Pervina and Manoj

Finding fulfilment in fostering: Pervina and Manoj

23rd May 2024

Pervina and Manoj are a vibrant couple whose hearts are filled with the hope of providing a loving home to a child in need. Pervina first harboured the desire to foster, and one day, while scrolling through Facebook, she stumbled upon an advertisement that sparked the idea into reality. 

“It started off as mine,” Pervina shared, “and then Manoj tagged along with it.” 

Their journey into fostering was not without its questions and uncertainties. Pervina reflected, “I’ve always wanted to be a foster carer, but I didn’t quite know what you had to do to become one.” 

Manoj explained that after seeing the advertisement, they discussed it, feeling compelled to share their love and nurture a child who needed their support. 

The couple embarked on the process of becoming foster carers, which Pervina described as “lengthy but needed.” They navigated interviews, background checks, and panels with remarkable dedication and honesty. 

“We just answered everything, whatever they asked,” Manoj explained. “We were just ourselves.” 

Their commitment was met with swift results. Within a few weeks, they were approved and eagerly prepared their home for their first child. Pervina recalled the preparations, making their house safe and welcoming, ensuring it was ready for the child who would soon fill it with laughter and love. 

Their first child arrived promptly, and the couple embraced their new roles with open hearts. Despite the initial challenges, they felt supported by their social workers and Progress. 

“The support there was amazing,” Pervina recalled. “Honestly, fostering has changed our lives.” 

As they adjusted to their new family dynamics, Pervina and Manoj found joy in the chaos of their bustling household. 

“At first, it was just me and Manoj,” Pervina laughed. “Now, the house is messier… but it feels like a family.” 

Their fostering journey was not without its unique challenges. The young person they cared for had specific needs due to a brain injury. Still, Pervina and Manoj found creative ways to communicate and connect, ensuring the child felt at home. 

Looking ahead, Pervina and Manoj shared their aspirations. They hope to support their young person through school and beyond, empowering her to pursue her dreams despite the challenges she faced. 

“My expectations are to help encourage her to get the right apprenticeship, the right college,” Pervina shared, “to make that kind of dream possible and see what our options are.” 

Manoj added, “We’re always there for her… always.” 

In their cosy home, filled with love and laughter, Pervina and Manoj have found fulfilment in fostering. Their hearts expanded as they witnessed the transformation of their house into a home—a place where a child found solace, support, and the promise of a brighter future. 

As they shared their story, Pervina and Manoj’s words echoed with warmth and sincerity, a testament to the profound impact of fostering on their lives and the lives of the children they welcomed into their hearts. 

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