Access All Areas: The Hub

Access All Areas: The Hub

Access All Areas: The Hub

20th March 2018

Our Hub services have been put together with the aim to help children and young adults with disabilities get the absolute most from life.


Between custom built accommodation, fun clubs and respite for all the family, we’ve been extremely successful in our goal. To get an inside look on the services, we caught up our Hub Business Manager, Jami Charalambous for insights into her role and what part she plays within the organisation.

“My role as Hub Business Manager is overseeing all the various areas of our Hub services and managing the duty team. Given the nature of the Hub and its four key areas, we need a lot of hands on deck. The team comprises of over 70 flexible support workers. The hub is great for workers who want variety and flexibility in their career.

My job is to make sure business is developing, growing and increasing at a rate that is manageable. I make sure staff are working toward their full potential. If not, what can I do? What would they like to do? It is incredibly important to me that they are happy in the role, that they have a good relationship with the person in their care and make sure it is the right fit. This is a value to both individuals. The team member has much more job satisfaction and of course, the individual in our care has the best quality of life possible, as these key workers become a critical part of their lives. If they don’t like them or feel comfortable around them, it can make care difficult for everybody.

It is also my job to keep a strong working relationship with the relevant Local Authorities. With us continually evolving, it’s essential we keep them up to date with what’s going on and how we can help. A lot of our Hub services can save public money as we see more than one person with complex care needs at a time so there is less to spend, but on a deeper level, it’s invaluable to the young person to be around friends of a similar age and need. Also, we often find that the young people in our care benefit from something different to that originally considered.

We found also found that there were not enough activity groups for those in our care. It’s been such a pleasure to be a part of that change and watch it grow and be successful. The best bit about them for me is that young people can go about their day and are just doing what young people should be able to do. Getting as much of a normal social life as possible is beyond valuable.

With over 100 families to look after and a large support team, the hub has this constant buzz of energy about it. There is never a dull day! It really is exciting and rewarding to bring positive change the lives of young people.

I am incredibly proud of my department, really excited about what we are doing and look forward to the future. The hub has been a testament to the adaptability of Progress and its commitment to improving the quality of people’s lives. There is no limit to what we can do. If there is a benefit to the young people, Progress will move heaven and earth to make it happen.”

We’re incredibly proud of the progress the children and young adults in our care make on a daily basis. The Hub plays a big helping hand in that. For more information give us a call on 01902 561066 option 1, email or check out