Blog by Issie – 16 year-old daughter of Progress staff member

Blog by Issie – 16 year-old daughter of Progress staff member

Blog by Issie – 16 year-old daughter of Progress staff member

13th March 2018

The feeling of buying something new never gets old!


Like most other teenage girls, my interests are fashion, makeup and music and regardless of any disability, the young girls supported by Progress are probably the same. I believe myself to be extremely lucky that I have no difficulties or disabilities but I can imagine for girls that do, it could prove harder to do things like go shopping.

Because I have a Saturday job in the village store and tea rooms, I always have some money to spend on clothes and makeup, like the pink fluffy coat I just ordered online! If you want to get a part time job but are worried you are limited for choices because of a difficulty or disability, don’t worry because Progress supports young people to get work experience and then paid employment. If you want help with this, get in touch!

Fashion is something quite important to me along with many other women around the world. It allows me to express myself and have my own personal style. My favourite shops to buy fashion clothes from are Topshop, Missguided, Asos and Primark. I also like to shop in New Look and H&M. My favourite style at the moment is 90’s themed, which is what a lot of celebrities and popstars are wearing right now too. I don’t always follow what celebrities and popstars are wearing but I think it’s a great place to look for inspiration for your own wardrobe.

Missguided launched a campaign called #keeponbeingyou and recently interviewed Shelby Lynch, a 20 year-old YouTuber from England. Shelby doesn’t let anything stand in her way when it comes to achieving her dreams and she hopes to one day open her own fashion label, specifically catering for people with disabilities. She believes that diversity is very important when it comes to the fashion industry.

If you have a difficulty or disability it shouldn’t mean that you’re limited to what you aspire to be. There are so many fashion models and strong independent women affected by disabilities. For example, Jillian Mercado is an extremely successful fashion model and wheelchair user. Kelly Knox, who was born without a left forearm, is Britain’s leading disabled fashion model. From the age of seven she refused to wear a prosthetic arm and throughout her career she has paved the way for other aspiring models and offered inspiration to those who need to develop confidence, despite regular negative attitudes towards disability.

Another job that shouldn’t be limited by difficulties is acting. Jamie Brewer is a famous actress who was born with downs syndrome. This has not affected her being able to take on a huge role in a popular American TV series and she recently walked the catwalk at New York Fashion Week.

Our Hub services can help you with things like shopping, work support and managing your finances, if you’d like to find out more about Progress get in touch with us today!