Career Growth at Progress: The Priya Story

Career Growth at Progress: The Priya Story

Career Growth at Progress: The Priya Story

5th June 2024

“Being the youngest here was daunting at first, but the responsibility has matured me in ways I hadn’t anticipated.” 

At Progress, career growth isn’t just a possibility; it’s a promise. Our commitment to fostering professional development is embodied in the inspiring journey of Priya, who transitioned from a live-in carer to a respected team leader at Portland House. Her story is a testament to the opportunities and support available to everyone who joins our team. 

Priya’s journey with Progress began three years ago in October. Reflecting on her start, Priya recalls, “I really needed a job that would pay the bills. I had experienced a loss in the family and took time off. I had been working as a live-in carer, traveling across the UK to care for people in need.” 

Despite initial uncertainties when Portland House was restructuring, Priya’s determination saw her through various roles within the organisation. “I moved around quite a bit,” she recalls, “but eventually, I returned to Portland House, where I felt truly at home.” 

Priya’s ascent to team leader was a natural evolution driven by necessity and her proactive approach. “Our team needed leadership,” she explains. “I had been stepping up in various roles even before officially becoming a team leader. The support from my colleagues was incredible.” 

In her role, Priya manages shifts, allocates tasks, and ensures that every aspect of care is meticulously executed. “We’re not just colleagues; we’re friends,” Priya emphasizes. “The bond we share as a team is essential in navigating the challenges we face.” 

Youth, Maturity, and Dedication 

Despite being the youngest team member, Priya’s maturity and dedication shine through. “Being the youngest here was daunting at first,” she admits. “But the responsibility has matured me in ways I hadn’t anticipated.” 

Priya believes that the ideal team member at Portland House needs to handle challenging situations with empathy and assertiveness. “We need people who can handle tough situations with empathy and assertiveness,” she stresses. 

Looking towards the future, Priya is determined to achieve an outstanding rating for Portland House by maintaining strong team dynamics and prioritising the children’s well-being. “Completing paperwork diligently and focusing on communication are crucial,” she explains. “We want to ensure that every child’s needs are met.” 

As she continues her journey, Priya is eager to further her qualifications and explore new opportunities at Progress. “I’m content as a team leader for now,” she says, “but I’m eager to explore new opportunities at Progress and continue growing.” 

Join Us at Progress 

If you are passionate about career growth and making a difference, Progress offers the perfect environment for you to thrive. Like Priya, you can start your journey with us and grow into roles that shape your career and impact lives positively. 

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