Deimante and Emily: Returning Team Leaders Bring Renewed Energy to Progress

Deimante and Emily: Returning Team Leaders Bring Renewed Energy to Progress

Deimante and Emily: Returning Team Leaders Bring Renewed Energy to Progress

11th June 2024

Progress is delighted to welcome back two exceptional team leaders, Deimante and Emily, who are rejoining our team to enhance the lives of the young people we serve. Their return signifies a renewed commitment to our mission and brings a wealth of experience, dedication, and fresh perspectives to our team. 

After a two-year hiatus, Deimante has returned to Progress, where she previously dedicated four years. “The experiences I had here were unparalleled. Progress is unique, and the bonds I formed are irreplaceable,” she shared. Deimante’s journey through various roles has reinforced her passion for fostering transformation in young people’s lives. She recalled a memorable experience where a young person transitioned from an obsession with food to actively participating in cooking, marking a significant achievement in their progress. 

Emily rejoined Progress after earning a master’s degree in psychology, bringing with her a deeper commitment to supporting the young people and her team members. “I’ve always wanted more responsibility, and my psychology studies made me realise how much more I wanted to give back,” she said. Emily’s focus on building strong relationships with young people and their families underscores her dedication to making a substantial impact within the organisation. 

Emily – Team Leader, Progress Children’s Services

Both Deimante and Emily are eager to embrace their roles as team leaders, driven by the potential to effect positive change. “The more you climb the ladder, the more difference you can make,” Emily noted, highlighting her ambition to eventually become a deputy manager. Their experiences outside of Progress have enriched their perspectives, and they are ready to apply these insights to benefit our community. 

Deimante and Emily’s return signifies a new chapter filled with opportunities for growth and development. Their stories of dedication and growth resonate with our core values, and we are excited to see the positive impact they will continue to make. 

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Welcome back, Deimante and Emily! Your return is a testament to the enduring spirit and commitment that defines Progress.