The Bridge

The Bridge

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Welcome to The Bridge at Stourbridge House

Age Range: 5-18
Purpose: Short-term placements for disabled children
Beds: 4

The Bridge is a brand-new regulated service with Ofsted, designed to provide short-term care and support to children and young people with a wide range of disabilities, at times when a crisis intervention is required, or a temporary place of safety is sought. The model removes matching considerations through the design of the accommodation, whilst also delivering better value for the public purse.

Situated on the borders of Wolverhampton and Staffordshire, The Bridge is located within Stourbridge House, the site of our short break service, providing a consistent environment for many children. In some cases, the short break staff that are known to the young people may even be able to provide continuity of support to help settle children.

So many families with a disabled child are holding it together with the support of those around them and accessing commissioned short breaks, but sometimes an extended break is required or a new solution. The Bridge can provide both planned and 24/7 emergency stays of a week or more, allowing families and Local Authority partners to take the time they need to make sound and non-reactive decisions, with the child at the centre and knowing that they are safe and well cared for.

The service is managed by social worker Nicole Clayton with input from education and therapy services, enabling holistic packages of support to be designed for each individual young person. Nicole has a wealth of experience in the care industry, starting her career in care working with adults in the community. Over time, she developed a passion for working with children, particularity those in crisis situations. Nicole gained 8 years of experience in children’s residential care and also served as a connected foster carer for 6 years. In 2018, Nicole transitioned into social work and has been working in that field ever since. With her first hand experience as a parent of four children herself, she has a unique understanding of the complexities of children’s needs, particularly those who are facing challenging circumstances.

Local Authorities can request support with assessments of need, where the child is entering care for the first time. Young people can remain at the home for up to three months, subject to the placing authority having and active plan to source the right placement or to return home. The team will then work closely with the Authority and the provider or family to facilitate a smooth and supported transition.

To discuss this model in more detail or make a referral, please contact our placements team on 01902 561 066 or email

Registered Manager: Nicole Clayton