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living life to the full

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Welcome to Portland House

Age Range: 5-18
Purpose: ASD, ADHD, Moderate-Severe LD, Associated MH, Behavioral Challenges
Beds: 6

Portland House supports children and young people with moderate to severe learning difficulties, ASD with associated challenges; while at Portland they learn to self-regulate and develop skills to live life as independently as possible. Portland House staff encourage young people to map out their life journey and work positively and measurably to achieve their goals.

Portland House provides a safe, secure, friendly and harmonious environment that is non-institutional. Thus, promoting group living as a positive experience within the home. At Portland House, we have strong links with local groups, leisure centres and youth centres that complement our approach to structured multi-agency working, and young people are encouraged and supported to get involved with activities and local organisations to give them a sense of the local community and what it means to them.

This location features:

  • Large Victorian semi-detached home
  • Six bedrooms
  • Close to the beautiful countryside
  • Modern Kitchen & generous living and break away space
  • Spacious garden
  • Developed and equipped to meet individual needs
  • Residents have access to PC’s

Registered Manager: Danielle Pugh