Progress Foster Carers Awards Lunch

Progress Foster Carers Awards Lunch

Progress Foster Carers Awards Lunch

12th March 2019
Foster carers are ordinary people doing extraordinary things…

Opening your home and ultimately your heart to someone else’s child is not easy, but is a hugely rewarding experience.

Celebrating this together is important, because our foster carers make it possible for Progress to contribute to improving the lives and outcomes of many children in our care.

These amazing people welcome children into their homes, families, lives and are invested in their futures, supporting them through their emotional challenges and cheering them on their way to university and numerous other personal achievements.

We recently had the pleasure of congratulating many of our carers at the Progress Awards lunch in Wolverhampton. The lunch was an opportunity to celebrate the fosters carers length of service, their selfless work and the many wonderful outcomes they have enabled for young people.

Highly experienced and brand new foster carers travelled far and wide to share stories, support and applause.

For Tina Bhardwaj who manages our fostering service, saying thank you personally is important. She said, “The children and young people who live with our foster carers have seen their lives changed for the better. To see a child happy and confident gives us all joy. We thank our foster carers for helping them achieve this”.

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