Donna’s Fostering Story

Donna shares how her fostering journey has been since her approval. It gives a perfect insight into the challenges that fostering may bring to a new foster carer and that of the resilience and supportive team we have here at Progress.

“My first year was quite a challenge in some respects, although very rewarding at the same time. I’m glad I made the decision to foster, and over time I have learnt every placement and person is different and will have their own unique set of circumstances.

Following my approval in May 2020, within 48 hours, I had agreed to a Parent & Child type placement, whereby a young mum and her baby came to stay with me on a temporary basis. I’m now on to my 3rd placement and realise fostering is a huge learning curve. The training, while invaluable, cannot prepare you for the “real thing”, and you continue to learn with each person. I have made some mistakes but feel I have learnt from them, and I’m continually developing myself as a foster carer with the support of my social worker.

I really didn’t have many expectations when applying to become a foster carer; I was just really interested in wanting to help and give something back in some way.  I would say the biggest challenge I have faced is adapting to someone who can be confrontational, although you understand the reasons behind the behaviour, it still comes as quite a shock when confronted with it and can be quite upsetting when it’s in your own home, having said that I have a fabulous supervising social worker who has literally been my rock from day one and the therapeutic support available to us.

I am really pleased to be part of Progress, and I can’t fault them in any way; every member of staff I have met or spoken with over the last 12 + months has been great, and I feel very supported in my role as a carer”.

Progress foster carers are never alone. Together, we keep building those bridges, Donna.