At Progress, there are always opportunities to train people relevant to their job role. I am always looking for ways to support my personal development.

Despite my lack of qualifications, I did have 15 years’ experience in looking after my son. So you can work in care and make an impact.

Looking back at things, becoming a support worker has helped me in my life. I am busy doing what I know and love – supporting children and putting a smile on their faces.


Working at Nightingale House is like having a second family.

I love those little moments, when we cook for the residents and everybody is in the kitchen playing music and enjoying themselves.

All the staff work hard to maintain this type of atmosphere. Everyone here feels valued as a team. We see the results of the work we do with the young adults, quite quickly.



Progress encourages you not to shy away from working with children who have challenging behaviours. I have been able to get stuck in and learn a lot while gaining new skills.

We are all a team at Portland House and, because we share experiences of our day-to-day, you are never alone.

I have always been encouraged to upskill and undertake training courses.

The courses have helped me in providing support for the children much more effectively.



Progress provides such a variety of career-based support for staff. I have been given the chance to find my niche and see what type of work I enjoyed. I was then able to pinpoint where I wanted to be in my career – and now I’m a Residential Manager!

At Stourbridge House, we support children with a variety of needs. Some days we have to care for a child with severe challenging behaviour, other days it is a child with severe learning difficulties and physical disabilities. This has helped me tremendously in broadening my skills.

No two days are the same!