Since joining Progress in July, I can honestly say that I have absolutely made the right choice in accepting the offer of employment. From the initial application, interview and on boarding process I have been made to feel like part of the Progress family. Everyone has been so welcoming, supportive, and professional in how they have offered me support and guidance in adapting to my role and the organisation. The training I have received has been exceptional and completely relevant to my role and personal development. My Manager, Amanda, has been incredible in the way she has supported me and guided me through these first few months. I feel totally supported and completely respected for the experience and knowledge that I am able to bring and share within my role.

I am really enjoying my role and feel that I have joined an organisation that not only cares about its young people, but a company that invests in its people too. Progress puts the Care, Health, and Progression of its young people at the heart of everything it does. There is a working ethos at Progress that sits side by side with my own core values, I hope that I can progress and continue to grow with the organisation for years to come.


Progress, the name really is in the title! Since I arrived in week one, I have never looked back. I feel as though I have worked here 5 years, not 5 months and that is due to being welcomed with such a family orientated vibe. Progress really does make you feel at home, just without your pyjamas on! Since joining, I have been on what I would call a fabulous whirlwind. I have already learnt many skills I never even knew I had and have been pushed to limits that are now shaping my focus as a manager.

The support network of every individual in the company has been exceptional and those special few who have gone above and beyond to support my development in my new role, you’re a bunch of incredible people. My new role as the Home Manager has given me the ability to share my skills and passion with my staff team in order to provide the best possible support to the young people. Making them laugh daily, challenging them to overcome their personal obstacles and be a safe haven for them when they need it most. For me, this is and always has been the most important part of any job and will continue to be so throughout my career. The young people in our care are the focus of everything we do and it is reassuring to work for a company that share the same focus, values and passion of supporting children and young people.


At Progress, there are always opportunities to train people relevant to their job role. I am always looking for ways to support my personal development.

Despite my lack of qualifications, I did have 15 years’ experience in looking after my son. So you can work in care and make an impact.

Looking back at things, becoming a support worker has helped me in my life. I am busy doing what I know and love – supporting children and putting a smile on their faces.


Working at Nightingale House is like having a second family.

I love those little moments, when we cook for the residents and everybody is in the kitchen playing music and enjoying themselves.

All the staff work hard to maintain this type of atmosphere. Everyone here feels valued as a team. We see the results of the work we do with the young adults, quite quickly.



Progress encourages you not to shy away from working with children who have challenging behaviours. I have been able to get stuck in and learn a lot while gaining new skills.

We are all a team at Portland House and, because we share experiences of our day-to-day, you are never alone.

I have always been encouraged to upskill and undertake training courses.

The courses have helped me in providing support for the children much more effectively.



Progress provides such a variety of career-based support for staff. I have been given the chance to find my niche and see what type of work I enjoyed. I was then able to pinpoint where I wanted to be in my career – and now I’m a Residential Manager!

At Stourbridge House, we support children with a variety of needs. Some days we have to care for a child with severe challenging behaviour, other days it is a child with severe learning difficulties and physical disabilities. This has helped me tremendously in broadening my skills.

No two days are the same!