Hilton House

Hilton House has just been approved by Ofsted to provide care and accommodation for young people with learning disabilities. The service occupies a spacious Art Deco building set within a large private garden, providing plenty of space for young people to live and thrive. It has a secure car park and gated access to ensure safety and security. Set within a quiet residential area in Dudley, the home has been completely renovated and designed around the children’s needs.

The service caters for children and young people up to the age of 18, with moderate to severe learning disabilities and associated diagnoses, which may include ASD, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, and Down’s Syndrome. These young people will have associated sensory and behavioural needs and may use alternative communication methods. The registration covers up to 7 young people, with one of these beds retained for emergency use and pre-admission assessment.

The home will support children and young people to be the best they can be, to progress and develop to achieve their potential. The team will work to reduce the young person’s dependency on support; working on activities for daily living, social skills, communication, confidence and self-esteem, and will ensure they are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve. We work with our partners to facilitate the desired onward journey of each young person in our care, be that returning to the family home, finding a foster family, or moving to semi-independent living when they become an adult.

We are delighted to welcome our first staff members to the new service, along with Joshua Bell as Interim Acting Manager. There will be a phased opening of beds with just two having been released initially, to allow young people and staff teams to settle. Referrals are now being considered for planned admissions to the home, enabling us to further build the staff team with the specific needs of young people in mind.

Please contact our placements team on 01902 561066 to discuss specific young people or email referral@progresscare.co.uk

Registered Manager: Joshua Bell

The Bridge at Stourbridge House

The Bridge is a brand-new regulated service with Ofsted, designed to provide short-term care and support to children and young people with a wide range of disabilities, at times when a crisis intervention is required, or a temporary place of safety is sought. The model removes matching considerations through the design of the accommodation, whilst also delivering better value for the public purse.

Situated on the borders of Wolverhampton and Staffordshire, The Bridge is located within Stourbridge House, the site of our short break service, providing a consistent environment for many children. In some cases, the short break staff that are known to the young people may even be able to provide continuity of support to help settle children.

So many families with a disabled child are holding it together with the support of those around them and accessing commissioned short breaks, but sometimes an extended break is required or a new solution. The Bridge can provide both planned and 24/7 emergency stays of a week or more, allowing families and Local Authority partners to take the time they need to make sound and non-reactive decisions, with the child at the centre and knowing that they are safe and well cared for.

The service is managed by social worker Nicole Clayton with input from education and therapy services, enabling holistic packages of support to be designed for each individual young person. Nicole has a wealth of experience in the care industry, starting her career in care working with adults in the community. Over time, she developed a passion for working with children, particularity those in crisis situations. Nicole gained 8 years of experience in children’s residential care and also served as a connected foster carer for 6 years. In 2018, Nicole transitioned into social work and has been working in that field ever since. With her first hand experience as a parent of four children herself, she has a unique understanding of the complexities of children’s needs, particularly those who are facing challenging circumstances.

Local Authorities can request support with assessments of need, where the child is entering care for the first time. Young people can remain at the home for up to three months, subject to the placing authority having and active plan to source the right placement or to return home. The team will then work closely with the Authority and the provider or family to facilitate a smooth and supported transition.

To discuss this model in more detail or make a referral, please contact our placements team on 01902 561 066 or email referral@progresscare.co.uk

Registered Manager: Nicole Clayton

Stourbridge House – Children

Stourbridge House is a service built around the families we support, giving families a break from day-to-day care. We can offer residential short breaks, overnight stays and emergency support. It forms part of our “Local Offer” in the Black country, which is a seamless range of services that families can access to meet the needs of their child and family. We are experienced in creating flexible packages of care that are responsive to young people and their family’s needs, whether that be on a planned regular break or at times of crisis.

Stourbridge House staff are adaptable and engaged in their work, supporting children with all types of needs, from moderate disabilities, ASD and associated challenges, through to profound and multiple learning difficulties and complex health care needs.

We work with the young people and children that we support to provide a varied and exciting range of activities to engage and challenge depending on interests and goals.  These range from accessing events in the local community to trips to the seaside and theme parks.  As well as creating positive experiences for the young people who attend Stourbridge House, we are experienced in working as part of a team to support the children and young people in our care to move towards independence, grow in confidence and manage their emotions in a safe way.

The short break service allows you to rest and recharge whilst ensuring your child has a truly enriching experience.

Stourbridge House location features –

  • Location supports education
  • Carefully planned packages of support
  • Access to social and community-run activities
  • 6 Short Break spaces, overnight stays and emergency support
  • Dedicated transport

Registered Manager: Kimberley Williams

Stourbridge House – Young Adults

Stourbridge House sits within Progress’ range of preventative services. The service is focused on supporting families to build resilience and take a break from day-to-day caring responsibilities, while enabling young people to enjoy a break away from the family home.

The service has been purpose built to provide specialist accommodation for young adults with a range of disabilities and additional needs as above. Young adults accommodated at the home may also present with sensory impairment, physical disabilities, sexualised behaviours or complex health care needs.

As we offer care for adults with a diverse range of needs, we undergo a careful matching process. This means that when people stay, they are with other people with similar needs and abilities. This keeps everyone safe and maximises the opportunities to build friendships and relationships.

We aim to support people in all aspects of their care; working towards agreed targets, which focus people’s personal development on areas which present barriers.

A lot of emphasis is put on gaining independence and enjoying life to the maximum, with activities planned around their individual needs. As part of our commitment to providing high-quality services, we are continually striving to help young people achieve their goals and enjoy their lives.

Stourbridge House delivers short breaks, transitions from children’s services, outreach to home and community, emergency respite from family homes, preparation/training for independence, assessment beds, intermediate care to step-down from hospital.

All bedrooms are suitable for wheelchair users, with two rooms fitted with integrated ceiling track hoists. The service is equipped with the latest technology, enabling remote monitoring of young people. This reduces the need to conduct physical checks; giving the individuals a better night sleep and enabling more accurate monitoring of medical conditions.

Registered Manager Amanda Percival has 11 years’ experience within the care sector in various settings, i.e. domiciliary care, residential for adults with learning and physical disabilities. Within this period, Amanda has had five years of care sector managerial experience.

Oak Cottage

Oak Cottage consists of 2 houses on one site and provides high levels of care and support to children and young people with severe and complex disabilities and Acquired Brain Injury. Oak Cottage provides a safe and nurturing environment where preconceptions are challenged and young people are encouraged to be the best that they can be and to live life to its fullest.

Managing the health needs of the children at Oak Cottage forms a significant part of the service that we provide and are firmly committed to meeting the very unique and individual health care needs of our children.

On admission to the home, the young people’s needs are assessed and individual placement plans are developed. Staff work closely with the young people to achieve their maximum potential, working on life skills, communication, self-esteem, and confidence. Ensuring at all times that the young people are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Emphasis is put on the young people having fun and enjoying their life, with activities planned around the individual needs of our young people.

It is important that the views and wishes of the young people are taken into account, the staff will establish their preferred communication method which will enable them to do this

Safeguarding procedures form an integral part of the daily responsibilities of staff in respect of protecting children. All children and young people must feel safe and secure.

Oak Cottage location features

  • 9 Ground floor bedrooms
  • Good sized garden and outdoor play area
  • Dedicated transport
  • Close to beautiful countryside and community activities
  • Highly experienced leadership team
  • Dedicated long serving staff
  • Purposely adapted environment to meet the needs of each resident

Home Manager: Amy Martin

Henley Lodge

Henley Lodge is a unique and established specialist residential service, comprising of two adjoined houses in the heart of a residential community. The service provides a medium to long term residential home, for children from the age of 5 up to 18 years.

Henley Lodge offers care and support for up to 6 young people, who have mild to severe learning disabilities, physical disabilities, and sensory impairments.

As we offer care for children with a diverse range of needs, we undergo a careful matching process. This means that when young people stay, they are with children with similar needs and abilities to keep young people safe and to maximise the opportunities to build friendships and relationships.

The team at Henley lodge strive to achieve positive outcomes for children who stay at the home, giving young people a voice and enabling them to make choices, access local community resources, develop links with peers locally and participate in social and leisure activities of interest to them.

Wellcroft House

As a registered adult’s residential home, Wellcroft House provides ongoing support for young people. Focusing on enabling greater independence for those with moderate to severe learning difficulties and complex disabilities. We achieve this through the building of friendships and relationships, preventing isolation and working towards transitions into semi-independent living and community living.

We actively encourage the discovery of new skills and interests, supporting individuals to be part of our local community. Everyone has a common set of needs but we also pride ourselves on tailored and personalised support, for example supporting different faith groups accessing local places of worship or dietary requirements.

Staff at Wellcroft House place a strong emphasis on community involvement and integration. Taking great pride in creating a homely environment that focuses on social interaction and regular activities that stimulate mind and body. Along with encouraging & supporting individuals to take part in fundraising activities regularly, including the Rainbow Walk for Autism. We have built good relationships with relatives and get them involved with as many activities as possible – everyone loves the annual family BBQ.

Wellcroft House offers young people a welcoming place to live where they can feel at home. Each has their individual space furnished for them according to their likes and needs.

All individuals are actively encouraged to become involved in the running of the home; this includes decision making such as décor, menu’s, food shopping and activities.

Wellcroft House also offers:

  • Town centre location
  • 24 hour support 365 days a year
  • Utilises assistive technologies
  • Accepts referrals from any local authority
  • Recorded impact assessment monitoring

Registered Manager: Sabrina Patel

Nightingale House

Nightingale House provides a throughput service for young adults aged 16+ with complex disabilities and/or Acquired Brain Injury. This young adult’s residential home has been recently renovated to include all of the latest equipment to facility independence and dignity. Nightingale has also been carefully planned for therapeutic care with a garden filled with different smells, textures and elements which can be easily accessed by all.

Experts in the field of sensory technology have designed and installed our sensory room with the latest digital equipment. Heated flooring, an interactive mat, projector, lighting, sensory seating and the colour schemes provide a therapeutic space providing stimulation or relaxation. The room doubles as a cinema room providing further social space.

There is a modern bistro style dining room, through large floor to ceiling windows and French doors. Mealtimes are a very social occasion at Nightingale House and allow young people to get to know everyone as soon as they arrive.

Our short-break bedrooms have been designed with young people in mind and have shared bathroom facilities with specialist mobile equipment available dependent on the needs of the individual.

Providing an environment which is focused on development, building friendships and relationships with others with similar life challenges. Nightingale House continues the journey for young adults into semi-independent life.

Nightingale House location features

  • Modern interior filled with sensory technology
  • Flexible approach to placements
  • Short Breaks, Short, Medium and Long term stays
  • 12 (including 4 short break beds)
  • City centre location

Registered Manager Jacqueline Beer has over 15 years’ experience in the care sector. Jacqueline started out as a support worker in Bournemouth and has worked her way up the career ladder and country, experiencing a variety of roles. Jacqueline is passionate about ensuring people with disabilities have the best life possible and has experience with a range of different disabilities including autism, challenging behaviours and complex health needs.

Outside of work, Jacqueline enjoys spending time with her daughter and their dog, exploring the Derbyshire countryside. Trips to Cornwall where she was born and spent her childhood are also a must, visiting family whilst there and enjoying a cream tea or two!

Regis House

Regis House is registered as a 4 bedded Children’s Home and is an end of terrace house in the heart of a residential community. It has been designed to provide specialist accommodation for children and young people with moderate to severe learning difficulties, Autism, ADHD and associated behavioural challenges.

Children accommodated at the home may also present with sensory impairment, physical disabilities and sexualised behaviours or equally, with complex health care needs. As we offer care for children with a diverse range of needs, we undergo a careful matching process.

This means that when young people stay, they are with children with similar needs and abilities to keep young people safe and to maximise the opportunities to build friendships and relationships.

The aim is to work with children and young people to support them in all aspects of their care, education and health, working towards agreed targets which are set to focus the personal development of children in areas which present barriers.

A lot of emphasis is put on the children having fun and enjoying life to the maximum, with activities planned around their health, educational and individual needs. We pride ourselves in maintaining relationships and working closely with families, and welcoming ideas and involvement from all key professionals.

Registered Manager Annette Icke (Netty) has dedicated her whole working career to supporting children and young people. She has in excess of 31 years’ experience in children’s residential care, supporting ASD, ADHD, severe and complex needs and challenging behaviour.

Starting as a care worker and working her way up the ladder, she achieved her NVQ Level 4 Children and Young People’s Leadership and Management award, alongside being a trainer in behaviour management; experience in coaching, training and mentoring staff.

Netty joined Progress in June 2018 and is now pursuing her Level 5.

Portland House

Portland House supports children and young people with moderate to severe learning difficulties, ASD with associated challenges; while at Portland they learn to self-regulate and develop skills to live life as independently as possible. Portland House staff encourage young people to map out their life journey and work positively and measurably to achieve their goals.

Portland House provides a safe, secure, friendly and harmonious environment that is non-institutional. Thus, promoting group living as a positive experience within the home. At Portland House, we have strong links with local groups, leisure centres and youth centres that complement our approach to structured multi-agency working, and young people are encouraged and supported to get involved with activities and local organisations to give them a sense of the local community and what it means to them.

This location features:

  • Large Victorian semi-detached home
  • Six bedrooms
  • Close to the beautiful countryside
  • Modern Kitchen & generous living and break away space
  • Spacious garden
  • Developed and equipped to meet individual needs
  • Residents have access to PC’s

Registered Manager: Danielle Pugh